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Last update at Dec, 2021


[HCLT 2020] KcBERT: 한국어 댓글로 학습한 BERT (Accepted)

[Journalism] News Comment Sections and Online Echo Chambers: The Ideological Alignment Between Partisan News Stories and Their User Comments (Accept)

[IC2S2 2020] Anxiety vs. Anger inducing Social Messages: A Case Study of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster (Accept, Non-archival)

[ACL 2020 SocialNLP] BEEP! Korean Corpus of Online News Comments for Toxic Speech Detection (Accept)

[EMNLP 2019 W-NUT] The Fallacy of Echo Chambers: Analyzing the Political Slants of User-Generated News Comments in Korean Media (Accept)


NAVER (2020.07. ~ 2020.12.)

CLOVA Research Intern